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Honor for an Israeli Artist at the Florence Biennale

Posted in Announcements by Ico Gallery on January 4, 2010

Yael Erlichman won the “President Award” at the Florence Biennale for contemporary art, where some 800 artists from around the world participated, a few Israelis amongst them.


‪Published: 29.12.09, 16:13

‪The Israeli artist, Yael Erlichman, won the “Lorenzo il Magnigico President Award” at the Biennale for Contemporary Art in Florence 2009.

‪800  artists from 76 different countries participated in the Biennale, and over 2500 art works were exhibited, during a show that was held in the old Fortezza da Baso fortress that was built in the Renaissance period.

‪(in the photo – one of the 5 bronze sculptures of Erlichman)

Erlichman was invited to show at the biennale, after exhibiting in the last few years in various important shows in the world, including exhibitions in Canada, Holand and the Unites States, as well as important shows in Israel. She showed five of her Bronze Sculptures at the Biennale : “it was a great surprise for me, since it is a serious panel of judges, and overall it is a great pleasure” said Erlichman.

Besides Erlichman the following Israelis exhibited at the Biennale: Yael Kaplan (fifth place in photography), Patricia Abramovitch, Akiva Huber and Yasmin Hadad.

The artists were selected by a panel of international judges, with one of the important objectives of the Biennale since 2001 is to promote “ the dialogue of civilizations”. All together, as every time there were artists from the different fields of painting, sculpture, photography and multi-media.



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